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The Benefits of Working With a Garden City Real Estate Agent

Garden City, NY, is a dreamy city with a tight-knit community that makes residents and visitors feel like they’ve arrived home. With top-rated schools and plenty of activities to pass the time, this idyllic town is the perfect spot to make your home. Plan for success by working with an experienced Garden City real estate agent as you search for the right place to settle down.

How a Garden City real estate agent can help you

They have the experience

You likely have an idea of what you’re looking for when buying or selling a home, but by working with an experienced Garden City real estate agent, you can take advantage of their expertise. There are a lot of steps involved in buying or selling a home, and real estate agents have the experience to know what needs to be done at each stage of the process, from beginning to end. As professionals, they have been through this process many times, and they can prepare you for what to expect and help you with the many tasks on your plate.

The home inspection process is one of the steps where the help of an experienced agent comes in handy. They know all the hidden issues to look for, which can help you avoid homes that may have problems someone without that experience would not know to look for. If you miss something in the home inspection, it could create many problems in the long run when you move in. Another place your agent can help you is the cost of the home, whether you’re buying or selling. Their up-to-date knowledge of the Garden City real estate market will help you pay a fair price for your new home and sell your old one for top dollar.

A knowledgeable Garden City real estate agent can tell you everything you need to know about living here if you're new to the area. If you have any questions about things to do in the city, the atmosphere, or anything else, your real estate agent can answer all of them.

With your agent’s experience and expertise also comes an extensive network of people that can be useful to home buyers and sellers. These networks can often make or break the sale of your home. Thanks to your agent’s connections and ability to spread the word about your home sale, you’ll find interested buyers in no time.

Friendly, quality service

Another benefit of working with a Garden City Realtor is the excellent service you will receive. You’ll get support from their experience and knowledge of all things real estate, and you’ll also get to know a friendly local. They will help support you at every stage of the home buying or selling process.

During the home selling process, a Garden City real estate agent will help you stage your home, host open houses, promote your home on the market, and assist with the paperwork that comes along with selling a home.

If you’re buying a home, you’ll be amazed by the level of service you’ll receive from a Garden City real estate agent. Finding the perfect home for your wants and needs is easier when you work with someone who has immense knowledge of the Garden City real estate market and is up to date on all of the latest trends. They can help you explore the different home options that meet your list of expectations and show you neighborhoods that might be suitable for you.

Having someone alongside you who is friendly and knowledgeable in their services can help you feel more comfortable throughout the home buying or selling process. 

It’s the smart financial move

Research shows that working with a real estate agent can help you capitalize on your dollar during your transaction. Some people decide not to work with a real estate agent to avoid paying a commission fee, but what you’ll gain by paying that fee for an agent’s expertise is incomparable. You’ll receive much better offers when you work with an experienced agent. The perks that come with high-quality service and experience also come with financial benefits for both home buying and home selling.

When you’re buying a home, the negotiation process can play a crucial role in how much you’ll pay. Garden City real estate agents have years of experience helping home buyers achieve an ideal price.

The same perks exist when you’re selling your home. An experienced real estate agent will know how to market your home to appeal to others, which will help you garner a higher price than you would have on your own. They know the fair market values on Garden City homes at all times, which can help you out on the financial side of the real estate process. So whether you’re buying or selling a home, a real estate agent’s negotiation skills will benefit you financially.

An unbiased opinion

Buying or selling a home can involve a lot of emotions. Homes are deeply personal to those living in them. But a real estate agent doesn't have this bias, which can help you every step of the way.

If you’re having a hard time letting your house go for a certain price, an unbiased real estate agent can help appropriately price your home for a quick, profitable sale. It’s also easy to overlook things in your home that may need repair or updating, but a real estate agent can help there, especially since they know what buyers in Garden City are typically looking for. They can also help you deal with rejections your home may receive from people who are not interested and help you through the process as you wait for the right buyer.

Help with paperwork

Home buying and home selling come with a lot of paperwork that must be done correctly for the sale to go through. Working with a Garden City real estate agent ensures that this piece of the process will go smoothly, as they have the experience and expertise to help you complete it. They can also link you to experts in their network who can assist you with all necessary paperwork, including the essential seller’s agreement.

While there may be online resources to help you manage on your own, the best way to get through it all is with the help of experienced professionals. 

Looking for a real estate agent?

Now that you know the perks of working with a real estate agent, you may be looking for one yourself. If you’re looking for homes for sale in Garden City or are looking to sell your Garden City real estate, get in touch with Laura Carroll. She can help you with all of your real estate needs.

Laura Carroll

Laura Carroll

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

About The Author

Building trusting relationships while providing exceptional customer service. These are just some of the many things you can expect when working with Laura Carroll and her team. Primarily serving Garden City and Nassau County, Laura has over 10+ of experience connecting clients to their dream homes–coupled with her rich financial background, which she uses for the benefit of her clients. 
Born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey, Laura has lived in Garden City with her husband Glenn and their three kids for the past decade. She began her real estate career ten years ago when she and her family moved from Pittsburgh to Garden City. Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Laura had an extensive background in finance, working for Wall Street, before she decided to go in a different direction in her life. She has not looked back since and is proud of the real estate career she has built.  Through many years of hard work and dedication, she earned a place on Real Trends Top 500 in NY State for the past three years and has sold over $500 million in real estate and $100 million alone in 2021. When working with her clients, Laura likes to lead with the philosophy “Relationships First.” Not only does she take the time to get to know her clients and their individual needs, but she also builds rapport with fellow agents, which gives her buyers and sellers the best real estate transactions possible. 
Laura is a Garden City real estate agent that is deeply passionate about her work as a real estate broker. Having built her team from the ground up, she is exceptionally proud of all the work she and her team have done to help their clients achieve their real estate goals. Laura specializes in working with buyers and sellers in Garden City and Nassau County, particularly Rockville Centre, Manhasset, Port Washington, and the surrounding area. 
In addition to being a successful broker and Garden City real estate agent, Laura is a highly active member of the community. She spends a lot of time supporting her kids in their sporting and extracurricular activities. She is also a board member and advocate for the Children’s Miracle Fund of Long Island, a beneficiary of Cohen Childrens’ Hospital. When she isn’t conducting real estate transactions, you can find Laura spending quality time with her family, grabbing coffee with one of her friends, going hiking on the north shore, and jogging outside.

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Holding nine years of financial and sales experience working on Wall Street, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Laura has expertise working with a diverse community of clients.

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